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“This is my 1st entry in wordpress, just trying new blog and new look, my blog akmaomar[dot]com  still alive”

I am very happy, satisfied and excited when my rich snippets author picture so fast appeared in google. Honestly very good feeling..hehehe

1st time I knew about this when after my handsome friend post in his facebook wall about how he was so excited when his rich snippet picture appeared in google, then I start searching, just wanted to understand the function and meaning, after reading all the articles about this i don’t feel anything and not bother at all, but I did ask him to know more, he explained to me, in my mind just said, “hmmm ok … what is so special,” but when happen to me automatically you will feel one kind of satisfaction in blogging, such like achieve one step level playing Puzzle games huhuhu. I think every blogger will feel the same, am I right?

As a new blogger this is one of achievement since I start blogging. Thank you very much to my handsome good men who has done it for me, many things that still need to learn from you! Anyway love u “Jasamu kukenang selalu” I hope your guidance will not stop here , still need to know more from you, thank you also for your patience, attention, love and kindness, nanti i balanje makan johnny’s and tengok wayang ok hehehe


Comments on: "Rich Snippets" (10)

  1. Fuhhh.. belanja johnny’s and tengok wayang yer.. best tu.. hehe

  2. Kalau orang tu sudi lah..:)

  3. Makan johnny’s x ajak pun hehehe

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