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Handsome Good Man

There much easier things In life Than Finding A Handsome Good Man

I am interested to create this entries when my friends always talk how handsome their boyfriend or husband, when woman start talking about the handsome man topics, you will get a lots of opinions and feedback, of course every woman will talk good about their partner’s and sometimes bad too..we can share least we have things to discuss when we hangout. This is one of hot topics we always chat.

Men always call woman gorgeous, beautiful, cuties, and pretty, the only words i can find to call the man is HANDSOME, CUTIES and GORGEOUS, is there any words i can use?

Human nature has always wanted a handsome or beautiful  life partner, for me, does not mean it can cheer and promise the happiness, it is only additional external package. As a woman i also dreamed of a handsome man in my life, what i mean the criteria not only in his looks, it’s included the whole packages.

How about we discuss and shares ideas on this topic.

There is several Criteria that should be on a handsome man.

What Woman Want :

  • Handsome internal and external – not only has a handsome appearance, but good personality too, know how to carry himself and well-educated understanding and kind .
  • I easily attracted with handsome sportsman type, fit, attractive body shape, but please…not body builder…Huhuhu.
  • Humble and not Proud – Humble handsome man not take advantage on his look, humble even though he know the extra advantage he have.
  • Strong religious beliefs – a handsome man with a good religious education and able to provide guidance to his family.
  • Strong career background – We should admit career is also important to build up your life, career handsome man must always try and strive to upgrade life in order to support their family no matter how big or small.
  • Loving Handsome man – with full of love , know how to taking care his partner, always caring, good listener too.
  • Jealous –  Handsome jealous man who has shown his jealousy is a good sign in relationship, that’s mean he really love you, care and only you in his heart but not to obvious.
  • Last but not least most important things is the real handsome man know how to respect your family and always love you in his heart. Believe me you will be happier ever after.

What is difference between men and women? A beautiful woman wants man to satisfy her every need, and a handsome man wants every woman to satisfy his one need..nobody perfect 🙂

I don’t want to discuss about the bad things. Just cheer up and imagine the good only. Let us smile and happy 🙂




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  1. Thanks dear 🙂

  2. 🙂 best sangat dah rasa….:) cayanggg u hehehe

  3. Teramat lah best nya, utk org yg tahu sahaja 🙂

  4. Untung ke…:)

  5. Baguslah kalau org tu tahu.:)

  6. Ravinder said:


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