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Actually I don’t like to discuss something too emotional, but as a woman I do have feeling too, you can’t run from it. My feeling and emotion a bit haywire this few days. I can’t turn back the clock, it’s really hurty.

In my life I always try to find someone can love me as who I am. My heart a bit stubborn, very difficult for me to show my love to someone, once the feeling came, I will love him forever, but it always happen something that I really love and care I can’t get it. Sometime I felt unfair. Why I always can’t get what I want? What mistake i’ve done? Hmmm

“Love” is the thing you never expect to come, it’s not easy to handle too. If you say, you love someone because of what they can gave you, that’s not love, that selfishness. When you love someone it’s always from the place of overflow rather than lack.

The person needs to be someone who makes you want to puke and smile at the same time. He need to be able to show you something you’ve never see before. I totally confused, what should I do? Answer me please.


Comments on: "Mr.Right | Someone You Love" (21)

  1. Complicated.. tp kenangan tu semestinya cukup indah.

  2. Memang terlalu indah bila kita dah sayang 🙂

  3. When u start love each other, nothing can’t stop u, betul tak azuan razi 🙂

  4. Ikhlas seikhlasnya..tapi tiada orangnya 🙂

  5. Emmm… mungkin orangnya ada, tapi tak ditakdirkan bersama.

  6. Hmmm..tapi kdg2 xfaham, semua org nak bahagia, dugaan yg sangat besar bg i…hmmm

  7. Harap begitulah..hope so si dia dapat bersabar juga 🙂

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