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“Anything dealing with men is mindless because they are complicated. basically if you have love them then either way you will find it hard to forget them. Some men think it shows weakness to show emotions but actually they love us very much”

My Story about the men I really love but sometime make me grrrrrr…..

  • He have self-confident, emotionally intense and extremely curious, he will want to know all the secrets, but being secretive himself, he won’t necessarily share anything, however, he can’t hide when he’s in love.
  • He is aloof and hard to intepret which make his emotions quite difficult to interpret and even more difficult to understand, can’t figured his feeling with me, I am trying hard to show my attention to him, but it seem still not enough, sometime make me lost, angry, sad but I still can’t stop to love him.
  • Always make me curious, I showed it enough my love to him.
  • He always made me feel extremely jealous, the way he treats his girlfriends eventhough I know he not seriously mean it to hurt me.
  • The casual attitude and complicated character make me feel his not serious and opposite, but from the bottom of my heart know he really love me 🙂

The reason I can’t stop loving him :

There is the best moments make me still in love with him, when we spend time together he will pampered me, care, love me, hug me, keep holding my hands anywhere and everywhere, always say sorry any mistake that he done, make me feel very safe when with him.

Sayang, thank you for your attention, love, kindness, patience. With the attitudes I show you, doesn’t mean I am not in love with you, sometime people make mistake, I hope you will forgive me dear..mmmuahhhh love you forever and ever.

Sometimes It lasts in love, Sometimes It hurts instead.


Comments on: "Deal with Men I Love" (4)

  1. Alahai… kesiannya kat “sayang” u tu sbb u masih ragu-ragu akan cintanya. Mungkin u belum faham hatinya…

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