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There are no shortcuts, I learned about business since childhood, I also have been cheated before” Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary

To starting your own business can be a exciting and rewarding experience that offers numerous advantages, such as the ability to be your own boss, set your own schedule and make a living doing something you enjoy. The true is becoming a successful entretpreneur or we call Usahawan Kecil in Malaysia requires a lots of things, expertise, capability, creativity, patience, honesty, and the most important things is hard work.

We need to have good business planning, know what to do, study the product, material or anything related. Able to taking risks because all business require some form of financial investment. No money come from the sky, before you start need to study and begin evaluating whether a business is right for you.

In Malaysia, as we all know a lots of opportunities available in terms of business option, assistance and training especially for young enterprenuer whether big or small. We should grab this opportunity. However interest is very important. What we see many who start a business without knowledge. We should start from zero to hero to gain the good profit.

Malaysia’s competitiveness ranking improves significantly in independent surveys conducted by the World Bank and the World Economic Forum. The World Bank Doing Business Report in 2012 states that Malaysia has improved up five places to 18th position from 23rd in 2011. The World Economic Forum, Global Competitiveness Report for 2011-2012, ranked Malaysia 21st out of 142 countries thus gaining five spots up from the previous years. The Institute for Management Development World Competitiveness Yearbook 2011 states that Malaysia is still among the top 20 most competitive economies. This is just the beginning; MITI aims to make Malaysia amongst the top 10 nations by 2015 in the World Bank Doing Business Report?

A real entrepreneur, make a business for making money and at the same time helping others as employees and customers who need help. These entrepreneurs offer products or services that are beneficial to others through their business.

Our goverment had opened up a new opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to start a franchise business through the SME (Small Medium Enterprise) or SMART SOHO (Small Office, Home Office).

SME – To helping and start a businesses. The services offered to small and medium entrepreneurs are business management, marketing and promotion, business development, branding and labelling.

Malaysia Franchise Association – Vision and Objectives to be the prime mover representing the franchise fraternity towards realising Malaysia’s vision to be the Regional Hub for franchising. To unite the members in view of protecting their interest. To cultivate and protect the image of franchising and encourage ethical business practice. To support the government’s effort in encouraging Bumiputra’s direct and active involvement in franchising.

These day, various types of business is conducted via the Internet. Internet banking has increasingly developed a business resulted the global Internet in various ways and tactics.

Here is a list of organizations in Malaysia that have their respective roles in meeting the needs of entrepreneurs and businesses.
List of Government Organizations, Associations and Traders / Entrepreneurs


He is one of my idols. I do not know him directly, I had known him to be one of my customer at my shop, I personally was so impressed when 1st time meet him. To know him in person it is an honor. The way he speech firmly disciplined, polite, humble, wise, not arrogant, philanthropist and a strong religious faith.

Who Is he?
Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary is currently the richest bumiputra corporate figure with many interest in diversified business areas which include transportation and logistics, plantations, property development, defense and armory as well as engineering and power generation. He is also a symbolic figure that holds philosophy that ‘education does not guarantee success in life, but hard work does’, and he’s a walking proof of that.

Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhari was born into a mid-low class family in north of peninsular Malaysia; whose house was without necessities and luxuries. His highest education was only until form five, and he never went to university. But that doesn’t mean he’s lacked of knowledge. A whole lot of his knowledge and experience was gained through his own entrepreneurship experience during his youth time.

For each of things we see, there are many other way to view it. For each way to do things, there are many other way to do it. DO NOT give up” AkmaOmar

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