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I am using Ipad2 almost 1 year, before this I didn’t know how to take an Ipad Screenshot, I try to search in application but couldn’t found, until today I find the way to do it..hahaha..Oh God it’s so easy, maybe I’m the last person know how to use it.

Here, I Want to share the tips with my friends, for those already know just ignore or skip this entry. For those are newer this tips will help you, very quick and simple.

It’s very easy to do it. You just press the Power ( or sleep/wake) button at the top right of the iPad app and the Home button at the same time for just a quick second (See the sample screenshot above), when you do you’ll see the screen flash white for a moment and you’ll hear the camera shutter sound.

Once you’ve done that, go to Photo app and see your screenshot in the Camera Roll album.

If u want to edit it’s up to you, normally I just use PSexpress app.

Hope with this sharing will help and benefit you 🙂

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Comments on: "iPad Basics – How To Take an iPad Screenshot" (2)

  1. It’s always a first time 4 everybody. I’m a droid. Things we think it was hard, but actually as simplest as one can be right? Balance of life…

  2. yup, I agreed with you, everything about effort and patience, nothing easy in this life, but when you find it, will become easier 🙂

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