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KLIA transit Amsterdam Airport


Amsterdam Airport – Heathrow London Airport

My 1st time Holidays to London during winter December last year, Flight KLM(Dutch Airlines) KL – Amsterdam – London.

London is wonderful place to visit, my advise you do need to plan in advance to make the most of your time. There is an incredible amount of option to consider.

Of course for Asean will be quite expensive in terms of currency different but hey! Thats we call holidays, sometimes you need to pampered yourself 🙂

As we know time different Malaysia – London around 13 hours. 1st day bit hard for me because noon shorter than night, 4pm already dark like 8pm in Malaysia, jetlag my sleeping time…huhu

During peak seasons you can see a lots of Asean there, luckily we manage to get place to stay, we rent an apartment arranged by my friend working at Malaysian Embassy there.

In term of languange of course there is no problem at all, most of them can speak English and don’t worry about Halal foods, easily can find it, most Arabian foods and the prices quite reasonable.

If you want go tour it better to take sightseeing bus cost about £25 to £30 perperson, much more cheaper than rent a car, our mistake we rent a car, it cost us £250 no wonder the driver bring Mercedes hmmm…..

Most attraction tour visit include Madame Tussauds, London Bridge, The London Dungeon, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and The House of Parliament, The Tower of London and Downing street.

During our visit is Christmas day and New Year, most of shopping mall is full of people, I’m shock when see the way they shopping, they will bring big luggage bag and put all the goods inside the’s really Xmas! 1 day after Xmas is “Boxing Day

It is traditionally a day following Xmas when people in UK will box up their presents for celebration, you can see long Q every department store….really heaven man…all goods very cheap..We spend for shopping like nobody business hahaha..

Don’t forget always get your VAT (Value Add Tax) slips with receipt for goods you purchased to claim your tax free at the Airport, my experience, London Airport bit straight, atleast you need to claim 2 hour before you check in. If u unlucky they will ask you to open your luggage and check one by one especially during festive season,so be prepared 🙂




Oxford Street it is the biggest shopping street within inner London, it is home to a number of major department stores such like Debenhams, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and numerous flagship stores and hundreds of smaller shops.

To clean our eyes, at night we walk all over the street, most of night club open early 6pm, you can see a lots of thing happening fuhhh hehe..sorry zipped my mouth hahaha.









Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in London and one of the Royal Parks of London and also one of the greatest city parks in the world. You can see a lots of activities there, beautiful garden park, at night we went to Winter Wonderland circus…really fun..




Buckingham Palace is the official London residence of the Sovereign, We have been informed, you can always tell if the Queen is in residence by look at the flagpole on top of the Palace, if the flag is lying that mean Queen is at home…




Big Ben is the great bell in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, I’m so impressed with the building architecture, old but really beautiful, most of the building well maintain even they built in the mid 19th century.

Nearby is Jewel Tower built around 1365, which is one of the only two surviving sections of the medievel royal Palace of Westminster and contain an exhibition called “Parliament Past and Present”




London’s Tower Bridges as we know one of the most recognaizable bridges in the world.

My 1st Impression I thought the bridges is big actually not really. We just stop by taking a picture and walk inside the bridge, from between the bridges tower you can see magnificent view all over London…so damn beautiful…huhuhu.

Oh ya! Otw to the Tower Bridge we past thru London Bridge but it seem like unfinish building construction, our driver told us there is story behind that, but I totally forgot the story, maybe you can refer WIKI hehehe…sorry…I think that a reason the song “London Bridge Is Falling Down” created. Just famous by the name and history..huhhh.





Madame Tussauds London is the major tourist attraction located in central London, housed in the former London Planetarium.

It is famous recreating famous people or celebrities in wax. I bet most of people who visit London will not miss the chance to visit this place including us hehe..

One more place is Hard Rock Cafe, I’m bit confused I have been travel a lot and Hard Rock Cafe I’ll not miss – Osaka, Bali, Singapore, Jakarta, Australia and few others but the funny thing is mostly Hard Rock Cafe I go just a restaurant and selling mechandise, after 10pm they will closed the outlet, not like Hard Rock cafe In Malaysia as we know one of famous and happening entertaiment nite club in Kuala Lumpur…hmmm…I think people in Malaysia really know how to party hahaha 🙂

Ok then, already end of my story, maybe my next entry if not lazy I’ll story my experience visiting other countries. Hopefully my travel entry will give you little bit clue to prepare your planning and travel ittenary. Chow 🙂


Comments on: "First Time In London UK" (8)

  1. Wahh… mis London. Jealous3. But I was raised in the states. so I prefer US more though. Well, that’s just me??? Anyway thanks 4 sharing.

    p/s: cute stroller though… full of shopping bags ahaks…

    • lah just sharing. One of the reaon this blog created to share my journey….i think US more modern than London, if we want see real history London is the i right shopping like nobody business hahaha…

      • Yup. US entertainment K lar. London Europe penuh history. Itu keunikan dia. Anyway gudluck on ur SEO task. Makin hebat!

        • Hehehe…tqvm..lama contest tu, bila2 masa leh kena tendang..:) i always read ur blog, u are a good writer…boleh belajar byk dr u ni..

  2. Best kan dapat mengembara ke negara orang..mesti banyak pengalaman..bila la nk merasa semua ini..haha

    • Kebetulan ada rezeki ckit, tu yang dpt jalan2..InsyaAllah you pun akan sampai sana jugak nanti tiket skrg dah murah hehehe

  3. best nyer,. teringin nk pgi London jugak,. selalu tgk orang lain and cousin jer pgi,. bile ler jaerul nak jejak sana,.. Busy study kot. 😛

    • Bz study xpe..jgn bz lain day u sampai gak tu..cuma tulah kena kumpul duit byk2 sebab shopping kt sana best giler..huhu

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