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Once my entry SEO Contest Eyriqazz vs Denaihati indexed by Google, the position of my entries was at page 8. As new blogger it’s already too good, probably it was still not many people joining. I was among the earliest joining the competition. In two weeks my entries uncertainty, between page 8 to page 15 hit by Google dance and unstable, at the same time increasing near 100 participate majority all old timer already enter the ring.

Apparently blogs that have a high Page Rank up very fast, while blogwalking I can see how they start their engine so powerful. I think they already bring out all the formulas and skills, you can see the Search Engine Results page change all the time and it not stable, on that time my entry was smash off far far away out from bluemoon. huhuhu.

Eyriqazz vs Denaihati SERP Position

Eyriqazz vs Denaihati SERP Position in Google

While update my supporting entry, my friend call and asked me to search the keyword Eyriqazz vs Denaihati new position results, oppss..goushhhhh my entry jumped to 1st page, I was pleasantly suprised to see a very drastic transactions. Of course felt good like sugar and spice, not expected can go that far, I think Mr.Google already started to love me. hahaha. While writing this entry my permanlink still in 1st page, hope will keep maintain.


SEO contest Eyriqazz vs Denaihati will last for three months, the dateline will held on 31st August 2012, does my entry remain intact in the first SERP in Google Stadium or will bungee jumping undetermined direction or will fall in the gorge and disappears forever, a lots of possibilities.

Before, my knowledge about SEO is zero but after joining the SEO contest I can see the ways and slowly understand the process of improving the visibility of SEO, learn how the search engine optimization process includes researching keywords, creating content, building links, and recognize the value of having the sites highly ranked and visible in search engine results. There are a million of blogs and forums that focus heavily on SEO topics, just need to use my finger, click, and views…erghhh Headache.

Maybe my answer a little bit cliche, this challenge is beginning for me to learn the ins and outs of SEO, win or lose it does not matter if elected that a bonus. I honestly just want to see until where and when my entry Eyriqazz vs Denaihati can survive. If succeed means that I’ve graduated and continue further study. If not, that mean I need to repeat the paper again, let us have a fun…hehehe

My philoshophy “For each of things we see, there are many other way to view it. For each way to do things, there are many other way to do it. DO NOT give up ” 🙂

UPDATE: Now my entry was kick by Google, latest at 2nd page. I hope Mr. Google still in love with me. 🙂


Comments on: "Eyriqazz vs Denaihati SERP Position in Google" (14)

  1. good luck sis,. boleh naik lagi entri tuh,. 🙂 lagipun entri trdahulu pernah naik 1st SERP kan.

  2. Blog akmaomar ni ‘kuat’ , ada harapan menang tu. 🙂

  3. Aku lemah bab2 speaking ni..nak faham BI ni amat lemah..namun demi rakan blogger sorg ni aku tetap fahami jugak..Yaa entri untuk blog ni dah nmpak kat first page google, terus kan berusaha agar entri contest tu up lagi..hehe..pondok kecil tak tau duk kat mana lagi entri contest tu..jatuh gaung kot..haha

    • Xpe goog translate kan ada 🙂 tima kasih sentiasa support ya, lama lg contest ni kan, entri saya pun xtentu hala gak tu kjap ada kjap xde mcm biskut dah hehe.

  4. back on track…still in 1st page..keep up sis..
    mine?!…alahai,macam bakal-bakal ditendang jauh ne sis…..

  5. wow..kejam pak cik Google..tendang sana, tendang sini.
    sy tgk permanlink ni dah berhari2 kat 1st page..not bad
    apapun gud luck!

  6. ada buat entri – tp google tak suka blog I bila ada words SEO kat post 🙂 backlink banyak pun tak akan naik post tu

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