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Live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Born in 14th May, no 7th of children Of eight brothers and sisters.
Work as Self employed in Retail Trade Cigar Business Base In Malaysia

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  • This blog just another AkmaOmar Online Diary Sharing opinion, blogging, Info, Travel and Learning something new, my story and can be anything too.
  • I have many interests and hobbies, I enjoys travelling, theater, watch movie, I like too sing but it depends on the company I keep.
  • My only dream is to some day be happy and have a family to share my life
  • I m easy going. like to have fun, I don’t like confrontation it’s waste of time. I don’t like miserable or vengeful people. Open mind and big heart. Bit stubborn, out spoken, straight forward but loving person hehehe..

Comments on: "About" (4)

  1. Alahai comelnya empunya blog ni… 🙂 sweet gitu…

  2. Mekasih mas hehehe 🙂

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